Protein Filled Chocolate Strawberry loaf

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Raw Peanut butter Filled Chocolates

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To bring myself back to reality I decided to share these super easy wee raw chocolates, that are insanely addictive. I have a very loving relationship with cacao butter. It is one of my absolute favourite ingredients to work with. It’s full of healthy fats, antioxidants and nutrients and it doesn’t hurt that you can rub the excess between your hands to warm up and use as an amazing moisturizer! And, you get to smell like chocolate;)


Raw Blueberry Basil Bars

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As you may have figured out already I am more of an overcast and cool sort of girl so this over 30 weather every day has been a bit more than hard.But, it does have its perks. Like frozen raw treats that totally make this blistering sun a little bit more worth it. And let me tell you, these bars are super easy, quick and satisfying for when you need something cold. I even tucked some extra greens in there!


Chocolate Pickled Beet Cake

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It’s funny how we could have so easily not met, had our paths been slightly different. I am so lucky we did though. Every day is a celebration with him but I love having some extra special ones. So I needed a nice treat to have after dinner tonight and cake is generally what I think of. This is my new favourite dessert, moist, dense, and not too sweet. It’s right up my ally. And beet in anything is going to put a smile on most peoples faces. 


Raspberry Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls with Boozy Cashew Cream

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My favourite way to make things a bit more luscious is adding chopped chocolate. And what better one to use than Giddy Yoyo’s raspberry bar for these beauties. 72% dark chocolate and alluring to even look at, chopped up and tucked inside and sprinkled on top makes for dreamy desserts. I’m a little bit obsessed with this bar, and it’s what really inspired me to make these rolls so I could eat it more.