Cardamon Date Squares

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I know I just recently posted a date square recipe. And everyone gave them the big thumbs up, except my dad. He enjoyed them but he said they “were not a proper date square.” I decided to try and make something a little more traditional to make his holidays just right.


Baked Chocolate Ginger Donuts with a Coconut Maple Glaze

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When my friend from Betty Felon Fashions reached out to me to do a collaboration together I got excited. She custom makes all her beautiful pieces and each one is unique and lovely. There is nothing better than shopping locally to find that perfect gift for yourself! We’ve decided to do a give away that will include her donut print longline bralette, a silicone donut baking tray, cacao powder, gluten free flour, vanilla extract, and a bag of monk fruit. The perfect wee kit to get you on your way to making these donuts for yourself while you lounge around in the bralette of your dreams.


Pecan Butter Molasses Cookies

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It’s December! I am absolutely blown away that November is already done and Christmas really is just around the corner now. My tree is decorated and the house is slowly not looking like a disaster. I even managed to steam my pudding last week just in the nick of time! I am beyond excited for the holidays if you couldn’t tell already.


Tahini Date Squares

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She made traditional date squares every holiday, they were rich and luscious and buttery. I loved them. I think she’d like my ode to them, although they are very different. I’m going to continue sharing my version of things she always made around the holidays so you guys can get an idea of just how lucky I was, and how lucky I am now to be able to twist these recipes to fuel our bodies right.


Gluten Free Pumpkin Pasties

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Anything from the trolley? It’s Halloween and I had to make an appropriate treat. Not that I’m only thinking of Harry Potter on Halloween that is. If you stick around in the future you may see that I am a very big fan of that world. Today still seemed like a good time to share the recipe for these little savory treats I’ve grown to love so much. 


Pumpkin Pistachio Biscotti

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I kind of have this weird love for dry food. Scones, dry cakes, biscotti. Anything I can dunk into tea or coffee. My mum had this recipe for chocolate chip cookies while I was growing up that fresh out of the oven were soft and chewy, but the next day they’d go rock hard and I loved it. I think it must have stemmed from that, because even while I eat these biscotti I think about those cookies. But don’t get me wrong these are pretty tasty.


Chocolate Peanut Butter Tahini Balls

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This is the easiest snack you’ll probably ever see me make. I brought my first batch to work and they were quickly eaten. The next week I made some raw bars that were much more complicated and the consensus among my workmates was that they were good too! But not as good as these balls. I’m not totally surprised, peanut butter and tahini is one of my favourite combinations, throw in a little cacao and I’m in heaven.